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40 Year Anniversary

Park West Gallery, the world's largest fine art dealer, prepared for its 40th anniversary this July by bringing more than 40 artists to Detroit. The artists, along with a number of well-known art historians and writers, convened at Park West's 63,000-square-foot gallery in Southfield, Michigan for the two-day event.
The artists enjoyed a banquet together at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan, where they spoke about their creations, the joy their clients find in art, and their relationship with Park West Gallery and Albert Scaglione. Thomas Kinkade gave a moving speech at the dinner.
Click here to view a video clip of Kinkade's speech.

Since its establishment in 1969, Park West Gallery has helped launch the careers of hundreds of contemporary artists, while providing fine artwork to more than 1.2 million clients in more than 70 countries around the world.

Among the artists that attended the anniversary celebration were Yaakov Agam, Thomas Kinkade, Peter Max, Csaba Marcus, Anatole Krasnyansky, Fanch Ledan, Linda LeKinff, Tomasz Rut, Igor Medvedev, and Itzchak Tarkay. The event also featured South African realist painter Andrew Bone, British artist Simon Bull, and American photo-realist painter Scott Jacobs.

Park West CEO Albert Scaglione said of the 40th anniversary event: "I was truly energized by the agreement from all of these creative, artistic talents to come together in one place at one time. Peter Max's work is recognized around the world, and Yaakov Agam arguably has created more monumental works than any other artist in history. Simon Bull has been working for the past year-and-a-half on more than one hundred original paintings of Muhammad Ali, four of which were selected by Ali and are now hanging in his new home in Louisville, Kentucky."

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40-40-40 Satisfaction Guarantee

Effective as of September 1st, 2008
40 Years: Since our founding 40 years ago, Park West® has guaranteed the quality and authenticity of every work in our collection.

40 Months: Clients can exchange any work purchased for any other work in the Park West® collection of the same or greater price up to 40 months after the date of the invoice. You will be credited with the amount you paid for the work you purchased (including buyer's premium and excluding shipping and handling), with the only charges being shipping and handling and any price difference when the exchange is for a work of a greater price. Exchanges must be made directly with Park West® by phoning 1-877-440-0630 and are not allowed at auctions. When making exchanges, our experienced staff will provide personal attention and access to one of the world's largest art collections for your collecting enjoyment.

40 Days: Clients can obtain a refund within 40 days after receipt of the art work. Your refund will cover the full purchase price (less the buyer's premium, not to exceed one thousand dollars per piece) and any shipping costs if applicable.

Park West® is the world's largest art dealer and our mission is to connect people around the world to superb artists and the joys of the art world. We want the connection you have with our art to bring joy for years to come-satisfaction guaranteed.

Click this link to learn more about Park West Gallery's 40-40-40 Guarantee

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New Tarkay Website

Park West Gallery continues its 40 year tradition of connecting people with artists and fine art. We invite you to visit our new web site for Itzchak Tarkay. The site features an updated biography about Tarkay, an online gallery of Tarkay's art work, a YouTube video bar including videos about Tarkay, and a forum for guests to share their thoughts about Tarkay and his art. The new Tarkay site is located on the web at

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Park West Foundation News

Young Detroiters Meet Muhammed Ali
A special group of Detroit-area young women and men enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime experience of meeting Muhammad Ali in person through the Park West Foundation in association with Park West Gallery. Park West Gallery founder Albert Scaglione and his wife Mitsie accompanied the young Detroiters to Louisville to visit with the international boxing legend at the city's acclaimed Muhammad Ali Center.

Read the full press release here

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A Personal Tribute to Marcel Mouly

Excerpted from an essay by Park West Gallery's Director, Morris Shapiro

I was with Marcel Mouly in Paris last November 2007 at a favorite restaurant of Marcel's a few blocks from Arts Litho, the atelier where Marcel worked creating his lithographs for so many years.

And although an air of optimism abounded as we all took in how great he looked and seemed, the inevitable understanding that this might be the last time any of us would see him again shrouded us all.

The photograph shown here is no doubt one of the
last taken of him as he died just a few weeks later. As I look at it, it fills me with conflicting feelings and emotions. In it I see a smiling me, all optimism and posing for the camera and although I am aware that I have more yesterdays than tomorrows in my own life's story, I am still looking forward to many more years of the richness that life has to offer.

Marcel Mouly with Morris Shapiro in Paris -- November 2007
In Marcel, I see the face of a man who has already confronted his inevitable destiny. He looks frail and wan, and although he was obviously not feeling well, he soldiered on that evening, laughing, telling stories, drinking his beloved scotch, and showing all of us so
unfailingly, that no matter what lies ahead for us, we must grasp every moment of life fully and embrace the time we are given as an irreplaceable gift.

That night as we sat together at dinner I noticed the fresh paint on his hands and under his nails. I told him of how I had just returned from visiting Marseille and how we went to Cezanne's studio in Aix en Provence. There in that little room, Cezanne had created some of the most influential paintings in the history of modern art. There, I touched the table where he laid out his still life props, the table that occupies so many of those paintings I have contemplated in museums and books. I touched the box of paints that lies next to his easel, the box of paints from which so much of modern art has sprung.

As I told Marcel of this and he sensed my excitement, I saw his eyes light up and I glimpsed a spark of that same passion in him as a younger man. He smiled and shook his fist and put it down on the table and said, "Ah Cezanne…he was 'The Rock.'"

Marcel Mouly with Picasso, May 1953
Left to Right, Back Row:
Meystre, Verdier, Mouly, Picasso, Sarthou, Lobo
Front Row: Paul Picasso, Pignon, Auricoste, Singier, Hadju, Dufresne
As we all got up to leave that night, we one by one hugged him and told him we'd be coming back for his 90th birthday party in February. But this was not to be.

Instead we all have our memories of that night together, and of course, his art.

Rest in peace, Marcel. You will always be 'The Rock' for me.

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Puzzled by Art?

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Since 1969, Park West has helped launch the careers of numerous world-
renowned contemporary artists and sold artwork by the most historic figures in art history.

Celebrate Park West Gallery's 40th Anniversary by locating the artist's names
listed in the right-hand column and circling them in the diagram below!!

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September 2008 - Issue 1

In this issue:
40 Year Anniversary
40-40-40 Satisfaction Guarantee
New Tarkay Website
Park West Foundation News
A Personal Tribute to Marcel Mouly
Puzzled by Art?
Newsletter Feedback
Customer Corner
We're Tigers for Kids!
The Art of Healing
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40-40-40 Satisfaction Guarantee
Park West Foundation
Park West Gallery Website
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Customer Corner

August 2008

My wife and I sailed on the Carnival 'Victory' out of New York and we wanted to share our experience with your art auctions. We take at least one cruise a year and always look forward to the Art at Sea Auctions. Not only are they a welcome break from the usual shipboard activities but they also give us a chance to learn more about art, artists and styles.

We have never met a Park West employee who acts like the sale is the most important thing. At any of the auctions we have attended, an important element is to gain knowledge of art by being exposed to different artists and styles.

After every cruise we go on, we like to drop a note to let you know how satisfied we are with the people and services you provide. It's always a pleasure to meet different auctioneers who are still able to pass on new information on art and artists. Each of your auctioneers brings their own style of wit, presentation and professionalism. They all have the ability to teach potential buyers about art, how to appreciate art and artists, learn about art and relate to all people regardless of economic status. Most of all though, they know how to have fun and pass that on to their audience so that it's a great time for everyone in attendance.

Thank you Park West for another enjoyable auction.

Patrick & Diane A.
(Plantation, Florida)

Park West extends our heartfelt appreciation to all of our loyal customers who have taken time to share with us their positive experiences of purchasing artwork aboard cruise ship art auctions at sea, at a special Park West land event or from Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan. Click here to Contact Customer Service or send an email to

We're Tigers for Kids!

On Monday, September 8th, Cornerstone Schools and the Detroit Tigers hosted the 3rd annual Be A Tiger For Kids event at Comerica Park. This notable event is a thank you to thousands across various communities in and around metropolitan Detroit who have helped to provide an excellent education to 1,131 children who attend Cornerstone Schools. Qualifying donations received entry to the Rock 'n Roar pre-game party on September 8th, a fun family event with food, entertainment, games provided and tickets to the 7:05 pm Tigers vs. Oakland A's ball game.

The Be A Tiger For Kids event is sponsored by over 30 corporate sponsors including The Park West Gallery Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Albert and Mitsie Scaglione as a way to give something back to their Detroit community... Read More

Simon Bull
"Tiger Fire", 2007

The Art of Healing

Romero Britto, the Brazilian-born Miami Beach-based neo-pop cubist, created the official logo for The U.S. Conference on AIDS to be held in Miami Beach, Florida on September 18-21.

Britto's exuberant painting style-often dubbed "the art of healing" provides the perfect optimistic and inspirational imagery for the logo.

Says Britto; "I feel that it is very important to help with this cause. HIV/AIDS is a terrible disease that affects so many young people and so many have died. Unfortunately this is because of ignorance, so when I was asked to create a logo to commemorate the 2008 USCA in Miami Beach, I was immediately moved to do something to help raise awareness."

The Britto Foundation was established in 2007 as a vehicle through which the artist hopes to fulfill his aspirations of spreading joy and happiness to children around the world

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