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Artist Spotlight

Linda Le Kinff: The Graphic Work
Park West Gallery® is proud to announce the release of its new publication, Linda Le Kinff: The Graphic Work, featuring beautiful, full-color examples of Linda Le Kinff's work with text written by author and art historian, Joseph Jacobs. Linda Le Kinff: The Graphic Work includes poetry written by Le Kinff, an essay by Anthony F. Janson, co-author of History of Art, the most widely used textbook on fine art ever written and personal comments by Albert Scaglione, CEO of Park West Gallery.


Essay by Albert Scaglione
From Linda Le Kinff: The Graphic Work

I first met Linda Le Kinff in Paris in 1992 while making my usual rounds there visiting the dealers and artists I worked with at that time. Arriving back at my hotel, I received a call from her. She introduced herself and asked me to view her work. Since I already knew of Linda and was aware that she was a highly respected artist, I agreed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Linda Le Kinff: The Graphic Work, 2008
Published by Park West Gallery

The following day, I was treated to a collection of paintings resembling nothing I had ever seen before. There were at least thirty pieces in all, each one painted on wood, and of various sizes and subjects. They glowed with a luminescent quality. Linda's use of line and color was completely unique. They all displayed unusual varnished surfaces and interesting textures incorporating the grain of the wood. Her subjects were delightful as well, revealing a 'retro' quality, while being at the same time completely distinctive and contemporary. Needless to say, I was very impressed and I bought them all.

Now some sixteen years later, when I think back to that day, I can't help but believe that it was meant to be. Over the years, I and my wife, Mitsie, have developed a deep and long lasting friendship with Linda and her husband Jacques. It has been my pleasure to help bring Linda's art to collectors all over the world, and to have Park West Gallery publish all of her works in serigraphy.

The realization of this book, this catalog raisonné of Linda's complete graphic works to date, has been a dream for many years for both of us. I am very pleased to finally make it available, and believe it serves as a fine historical documentation of Linda's life, work, and extraordinary artistic gifts.

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New Le Kinff Website

Park West Gallery continues its 40 year tradition of connecting people with artists and fine art by inviting you to visit our new web site for artist Linda Le Kinff. Park West Gallery's new Linda Le Kinff website features an updated biography of the artist, an online gallery of Le Kinff's artwork, YouTube videos and a forum for guests to share their thoughts about Le Kinff and her art. Explore the new Linda Le Kinff site located on the web at

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A Special Event at Linda Le Kinff's Studio and Home

Park West Gallery Director, Morris Shapiro, and Park West President, Marc Scaglione, along with some of the Park West team visited the home and studio of Linda Le Kinff with 70 of Park West’s long term clients in a special unprecedented visit. At Linda’s home in the historic town of Rambouillet, guests were treated to a tour of the home and Linda’s adjoining studio filled with Le Kinff art of all types and periods.

Along with her husband, Jacques, Linda elected to present a never before seen collection of paintings on wood and canvas, collages and a most unusual array of objets d’art including sculpture bases composed of four painted panels, and two ‘coffee tables’ created by mounting large painted panels on legs. Also included were two poetry books created by Linda on special hand-made papers, filled with original poetry, drawings, paintings and collages. These two highly intimate and compelling creations were a delight to the guests.

Most well received were Linda’s sculptures in bronze.

Le Cirque, 2008
These works had never before been offered to collectors and they ranged in size from small table top works to life-size bronzes installed in her backyard. Linda announced that she would be going to the studio foundry in Italy where the works are cast to supervise the casting of each sculpture ordered and the specification of the color (or patina) chosen by each collector.

As these inspiring and distinctive works, in an array of “Le Kinff-like” subjects (including musicians, dancers, acrobats and models) are done in small editions (from 3-12 examples), any Park West Gallery clients interested in viewing the collection may contact a Park West Gallery Sales consultant for more information.

Agathe en or, 2007

La Contrebassiste, 1997

Anais a`la Capeline, 2007

La Trapeziste, 2007

Finally, Linda unveiled for the first time, the new catalog raisonée of her graphic works. The book, over five years in the making, was enthusiastically received and a signed and dedicated copy was made available to each couple in attendance.

There is no experience like meeting an artist and peering into the creative world in which they work and live. We at Park West are delighted to bring these enriching experiences to our clients, as they provide a deeper appreciation and understanding of the remarkably talented people who represent the art of our time. This was truly a unique experience that only Park West could bring. Stay tuned for more “adventures” in the art world brought to you exclusively by Park West!

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Park West Gallery Art Expo 2008

To celebrate Park West's 40th anniversary, more than one-hundred fine art auctioneers, associates and trainees from Plymouth Auctioneering, providing services for Park West cruise ship art auctions at sea, attended an unprecedented semi-annual conference and Art Expo during October 1-6, 2008.

Anatole Krasnyansky (left) with Itzchak Tarkay (right) at Art Expo 2008
Forty artists from around the globe - including Itzchak Tarkay, Peter Max, Yaacov Agam, Csaba Markus, Emile Bellet, Anatole Krasnyansky and Marko Mavrovich - were flown in and provided with complementary accommodations for the special event along with thirty of Park West's most distinguished VIP couples who also attended the festivities.

"I was taken away by the entire experience of the conference. The opportunity to meet and talk to so many of the artists that Park West

represents was truly an experience of a lifetime. I now have a much more intimate feeling of Park West, how it operates and the amazing people involved in making the company what it is today," said associate auctioneer, Hooman Shad.

Attendees were treated to an opening ceremony and fine dining at the prestigious Ritz Carlton in Dearborn, Michigan. At the historic Henry Ford Museum everyone enjoyed full access to the museum's displays of impressive innovations and inventions. Guests were exulted by the entertainment at Detroit's luxurious MGM Grand Casino and Ignite Lounge. And finally, the ultimate culinary feast was had by all during the farewell party at the Roostertail, often host to celebrities including Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin.

The Art Expo featured an introductory lecture by visionary pop artist, Peter Max, and other guest speakers included representatives from Kinkade and Disney Studios.

In addition to first-class auctions offering some of the best artwork in the Park West collection, auctioneers, trainees and VIPs had the opportunity to mingle and engage in discussions with the artists. Some of the artists, like Csaba Markus, were so inspired by the ambient creative energy that they set up mini-studios throughout Park West Gallery exhibition spaces. Onlookers enjoyed a rare glimpse into the creative process as they watched their favorite artists paint live before their eyes.
Csaba Markus painting live at Park West Art Expo 2008

VIP guests, Tom and Judy of Corona California, complimented "The VIP event was awesome! The whole Park West staff went above and beyond to make it truly memorable. The friends we made and memories we shared will last for a long time."

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Park West in the News

John Haffey, publisher of Art World News, attended Park West Gallery's 40th Anniversary this summer, featuring more than 40 artists from around the world. Haffey was inspired by the celebration and thus took an opportunity to sit down with Park West Gallery CEO, Albert Scaglione, to discuss the company's successful 40-year history, the challenges facing art dealers in today's market and Scaglione's vision for the future of Park West Gallery. Says Haffey, "The ongoing story of the firm’s success is grounded in what makes our industry great—our ability to enrich the lives of others through art. The company's story is as unique as it is topical because Park West is an art business that is dealing with the same challenges that all galleries face. Their response to the market is derived from their philosophy and their commitment to art and the artists they sell."
...Read the full interview

Bottom row, from left: Simon Bull, Jay Lefkowitz, Mark Kanovich, Victor Spahn, David Najar, Alfred Gockel, Marko Mavrovich, and Dominic Pangborn. Middle row, from left: Wendy Schaffer, Anatole Krasnyansky, Holland Berkley, Albert Scaglione, Itzchak Tarkay, Morry Shapiro, Csaba Markus, Noah, and Toby Bluth. Top row, from left: Harrison Ellenshaw, Hua Chen, Peter Nixon, Alexander Chen, Kevin Miles, Yuval Wolfson, Jean-Claude Picot, Lisa Grubb, Nano Lopez, Fanch Ledan, Debra Tritico, James Coleman, Charles Lee, Yolanda Glenn, Marcus Glenn, Dick Duerrstein, Andrew Bone, Tom Murray, and Howard Behrens.

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Puzzled by Art?

How well do you know Park West Gallery and its artists? Enter the answers for each clue into the corresponding numbered spaces in the grid below. The dashes indicate the number of letters in each answer. If you have solved the puzzle correctly, the highlighted boxes reading down the center column will reveal a 2-word message apropos to the season. Enjoy!

Park West Gallery is currently celebrating its ________ anniversary
2. Surname of the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist
3. Capital city of France near where you'll find Linda Le Kinff's magnifique studio
Dürer wrote a treatise on human ________, composed of four books on the subject
5. These classic characters are "pep artist"
David Willardson's muses
6. Visit Park West Gallery's 63,000 square foot facility in this Michigan city
7. Continent called home by artist and conservationist,
Andrew Bone
Thomas Kinkade is known as "The Painter of ________"
9. First name of Cubist co-founder, aka the most famous artist of the 20th century
Rembrandt mastered dramatic use of light and shadow, or this term
11. Surname of the illustrator celebrated for his covers of "The Saturday Evening Post"
Linda Le Kinff applies a special material called ________ to her paintings
13. This art form, stressing change and movement, was pioneered by
Yaacov Agam
14. Salvador Dalí was inspired by this poet's epic "Divine Comedy"

(Need help? Hint: All answers are found in the October Newsletter, Park West Gallery and Artist Biographies webpages)

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Letters to the Editor

Issue 1 of the Park West Gallery Newsletter was a great success and we are so appreciative of all of the thoughtful words we received as a result. Here are just a few of the kind responses and we look forward to publishing even more in upcoming issues!

"Thanks so much for sending the Newsletter our way. It just reinforces our belief in your company and the attention we feel as a family from the members of the Park West team.

My father is a great admirer of Albert's and feels that he's much more than an employer, an agent or a business partner. He has proven to be great friend and a wonderful human being in good times and difficult ones as well. Please give him our best, we know he has many things to tend to these days and that as always his positive attitude and love of his craft and profound respect of others will see him through anything that may come his way.
All of our best,
Rimma and the
Krasnyansky Family

"Love the idea. Great fun to read the latest art information and Park West Gallery News. Someone was thinking. Thanks, Avid Park West Gallery buyers for years. Our collection rocks."
Richard and Janet S.,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Thank you very much for this e-mail. We really enjoyed your newsletter so much...."
Patricia D.
Canton, Georgia

"The newsletter is a nice way to keep us up to date of the things that are happening at Park West Gallery. This way we can prepare for our next cruise and do some more shopping but with recent information and as informed collectors.

Personally I have purchased 20 pieces of art during my cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska and have enjoyed every moment and use the pieces to remember my travels."
Avelino R.
Cayey, Puerto Rico

"I liked the newsletter and the 40/40/40 thing is great. But, to tell the truth, I wouldn't part with any piece I purchased over the many years."
Steven G.
North Miami Beach, Florida

"Thank you so much for including me on your mailing. I was saddened to learn that Marcel Mouly had passed away. I have two of his lithographs and think of the artist daily. I am so glad I had purchased them years ago....I have never seen any others that I like more."
Fran E.
La Quinta, California

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Newsletter Feedback

Please email with your comments or suggestions for upcoming issues of the Park West Gallery Newsletter.

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October 2008 - Issue 2

In this issue:
Artist Spotlight
New Le Kinff Website
A Special Event at Linda Le Kinff's Studio and Home
Park West Gallery Art Expo 2008
Park West in the News
Puzzled by Art?
Letters to the Editor
Newsletter Feedback
Fall Into Park West Gallery
Customer Corner
2008 Best Art Gallery in Detroit
New Must See Videos
Park West Foundation News
A Special Evening with the Arts
Artwork "Fore" a Cause

40-40-40 Satisfaction Guarantee
Park West Foundation
Park West Gallery Website
Artist Biographies
Mosaic Blog
Customer Service Blog
Park West on YouTube
Park West on Facebook

Fall Into Park West Gallery

Fall 2008 has arrived - the leaves are changing color, planning for the holidays has begun - and surely it's time to update the decor of your home with the latest artwork selections available through Park West Gallery.

Check out the unique collection and outstanding quality offered in the Park West Gallery Fall Sale.

Customer Corner

"I recently returned from a cruise aboard the Norwegian Dawn. I had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with a young man by the name of David (Park West auctioneer). I cannot say enough kind words about this gentleman. His poise as a professional and his passion as an artist were clearly evident in his presentation of the pieces offered. Moreover, his personal attentiveness to our purchase of "Angel with Heart" by Peter Max, helped to make the experience even more memorable. David worked closely with us, going above and beyond. Please recognize his efforts in seeing this transaction through and if you can pass on my gratitude.

This acquisition marks my fourth purchase from Park West and by no means my last. I look forward to our next cruise and future auction. Again, it has been pleasure."

Thank you,
Lorraine C. and John M.
Piscataway, NJ

"I just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Conquest. I had been to an art auction or two prior to the cruise so I knew what to expect. I had the chance to talk to Kirsten prior to the first auction of the cruise and she had such a wonderful demeanor that I stayed to see what was going to happen. Kelsey started the auction with energy and excitement. The smile never left her face. Between the two beautiful ladies I had a great time and decided to attend the other two auctions as well. When all was said and done I had bought over $5,000 in art pieces and framing. I can’t wait until the pieces arrive! Thanks to both Kirsten and Kelly."
Curtis Y.
San Antonio, TX

Park West extends our heartfelt appreciation to all of our loyal customers who have taken time to share with us their positive experiences of purchasing artwork aboard cruise ship art auctions at sea, at a special Park West land event or from Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan. Click here to Contact Customer Service or email

2008 Best Art Gallery in Detroit

The votes are in...and the 2008 winner of the WDIV-TV 4 (NBC) "Best Art Gallery in Detroit" is...PARK WEST GALLERY!!

"Vote 4 the Best" is a promotional contest and city guide conducted by WDIV-TV's and, which profiles local businesses and allows consumers to vote for their favorites in dozens of categories and share their insight on a city with information, ratings and reviews.

Thank you to all who voted Park West Gallery into 1st place!

New Must See Videos

Park West Gallery Rolls Out the Red Carpet
Footage from one of this seasons award shows? Well there was red carpet fashion, glamorous celeb-artists and fabulous artwork. Better yet, check out exclusive video from Park West Gallery's 40th Anniversary celebration!
Click here to watch

World's Foremost Expert on Salvador Dalí
Go behind the scenes as
Bernard Ewell discusses his credentials as the world's foremost expert in Dalí authentication and explains that collectors can rest assured that all Dalí artwork purchased from Park West Gallery is authentic.
Click here to watch

Salvador Dali
"Divine Comedy - Paradise 1 (Dante)"

Park West Foundation News

On Saturday, September 20, 2008 The Park West Foundation "Gallery Girls" and the FACE to FACE Foundation partnered to raise funds to assist kids in need of supportive mental health and independent living services.

The evening was hosted by Guest Emcee and Detroit Pistons Courtside Reporter, Eli Zaret. Eli oversaw an event filled with great food, entertainment, local celebrities and the opportunity to financially support the work of both foundations.

The FACE to FACE Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable
established to assist under- privileged, uninsured/underinsured children-adolescents in need of crisis stabilization, intervention, and partial hospitalization program psychiatric services.

A Special Evening with the Arts

The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (APACC) hosted their second networking event, Blood of the Dragon Returns Again, as guests strolled through the galleries of fine art on Thursday, September 25, 2008 at Park West Gallery.

The evening was sponsored by Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing N.A., Inc., Nippon-Oil – Chrysan Industries and Miller Canfield. Artist, Dominic Pangborn, Co-Chair & CEO, Pangborn Design, Ltd. and Hiroshi Mazawa, Honorary Co-Chair & Vice President, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. were in attendance.

Guests enjoyed selected fine white wines and sake from Papa Joe’s Gourmet and a sampling of Asian delicacies prepared by local Asian restaurants. An asian artists’ collection was featured by Jiang Tiefeng, Dominic Pangborn, Charles Lee, and Hua Chen.

Dominic Pangborn,
"Heart of the City"

Artwork "Fore" a Cause

Louisville, KY -- Famed sports artist LeRoy Neiman created the 37th Annual Official Ryder Cup Artwork commemorating the event September 16-21, 2008 at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, KY.

Neiman also donated two original portrait paintings of Ryder Cup captains Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo which were auctioned off for charity. All proceeds benefited First Tee of Kentucky and the Muhammad Ali Center.

About the Artist
LeRoy Neiman is considered one of the most important American artists of the 20th century. His use of vivid tones evokes a phenomenon of change and dynamism. Read LeRoy Neiman's full biography

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