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Spring Sale 2009

Sale hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am-6pm, Thursday-Friday 10am-7pm,
Saturday 11am-6pm

Sale items are also featured on the web at the Park West Seasonal Sale
or View the Brochure for select pieces.

Fine art & jewelry treasures make perfect birthday, Mother's Day & graduation gifts

Plan a spring outing to the elegant Park West Gallery. Tour 3-1/2 acres of beautiful gardens and 23 galleries while shopping for unique birthday, Mother's Day and graduation gifts.

Now through May 15th, more than 250 works will be on display from some of the world's greatest artists including Rembrandt, Picasso, Linda Le Kinff, Marcel Mouly, Simon Bull, Dali, Marcus Glenn, and Itzchak Tarkay. Customers can find the perfect gift in Park West's outstanding collection, featuring paintings, jewelry and autographed sports memorabilia.

In honor of Park West's 40th anniversary, some prices will be reduced by as much as 40%.

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Special Collections Now Online

Special Collections are now available at the Park West Gallery website! Click below to view.

Disney Artists

© Collectors Editions. All Rights Reserved. © Disney.

*Read more about the Japanese Woodcut Collection

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Artist Weaves Time Into His Work

Published in The Taipei Times

Regular art is frozen in time and never changes. Yaacov Agam, a pioneer in ‘kinetic art’ and the creator of an installation in Kaohsiung, changed that...

Photo courtesy of Ron Schimon
At just about 1.52m tall, the 81 year-old, white-bearded Yaacov Agam may walk with a bit of a wobble, but he towers as a giant in the art world as he craftily manipulates colors to spread his message: Time can be defied, life is full of infinite possibilities and God is omniscient.

The piece Agam created for the upcoming World Games in Kaohsiung, titled Peaceful Communication with the World, perfectly exemplifies his philosophy. Read the Full Article

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Art for All: Gallery Owner Spreads Joy of Appreciation

Published in Centralight: Central Michigan University Alumni Magazine, Spring 2009

In the article Art for All: Gallery Owner Spreads Joy of Appreciation, editor Barbara Sutherland Chovanec spoke to Albert Scaglione about his mission to "make art accessible to everyone."

Scaglione explained, "It's invigorating - the idea that we can get more people exposed to art. Our business model has been to get the art to the people. We very much love to be the people who teach you and introduce you to art."

To help achieve his goal, the founder of Park West Gallery donates significant gifts of artwork to various institutions and universities, including Central Michigan, in order to create what Scaglione calls "living museums..." Read More

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PLATINUM: Decor - Art & Soul

Published in The Detroit Jewish News

Peek inside the personal collection of Park West Gallery’s director, Morris Shapiro.

A large work by Marc Chagall hangs in the front hall of Morris and MaryAnn Shapiro's Novi home. "It's definitely one of my favorites," the 56-year-old Park West Gallery director says of Le Mariage, a 1976 aquatint framed in black that depicts a traditional Jewish wedding. "We bought it for each other as a wedding gift."

A tour of the Shapiros' contemporary home reveals more than 100 other works, all with personal meaning. "I don't have a traditional art collection, per se," he explains. "I'm immersed in art. My collection is eclectic and based on personal experiences and relationships with artists. Each means something special to me..." Read the Full Article

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Going Once...Going Twice...Buying Art at Sea with Confidence

Published in Porthole Magazine, April 2009

Art auctions at sea have become one of the most talked-about activities on cruise ships around the world. Many passengers are introduced to the idea of collecting fine art for the first time at these glamorous onboard events. The paintings and prints on display are beautiful; the auctioneers are informative and engaging. But how can newcomers to art get past their initial reluctance to participate...
Read the Full Article

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Park West Gallery Celebrates 40 Years

Published in Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2009

"Ruby - The 40th Anniversary Gemstone - Possesses an Eternal Inner Flame, a Symbol That the Passion is Still Very Alive and Strong After Four Decades..."

Albert Scaglione infused his enthusiasm as a collector, connoisseur, art lover, and accomplished businessman at the 40th year anniversary of Park West Gallery in an exciting three-day event this past summer in its hometown of Southfield, Michigan.

A mixture of seasoned dealers, well known, accomplished artists, and collectors hailing from all over the globe attended the festivities, boosting the high-energy level of

Park West Gallery's festive event.

A fever of excitement hung in the air as the opportunity to meet, greet, and mingle with all forty artists, film makers, book writers, publishers, and art specialists was present to those in attendance. The 63,000 sq. ft. space was filled with a retrospective presentation in a league with international showcase expositions and was viewed by a vibrant group of movers and shakers... Read the Full Article

Bottom row, from left: Simon Bull, Jay Lefkowitz, Mark Kanovich, Victor Spahn, David Najar, Alfred Gockel, Marko Mavrovich, and Dominic Pangborn. Middle row, from left: Wendy Schaffer-Miles, Anatole Krasnyansky, Holland Berkley, Albert Scaglione, Itzchak Tarkay, Morry Shapiro, Csaba Markus, Noah, and Toby Bluth. Top row, from left: Harrison Ellenshaw, Hua Chen, Peter Nixon, Alexander Chen, Kevin Miles, Yuval Wolfson, Jean-Claude Picot, Lisa Grubb, Nano Lopez, Fanch Ledan, Debra Tritico, James Coleman, Charles Lee, Yolanda Glenn, Marcus Glenn, Dick Duerrstein, Andrew Bone, Tom Murray, and Howard Behrens.

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Letters to the Editor

The Park West Gallery Newsletter staff is so appreciative of all of the thoughtful words we receive from our readers!

Please email with your comments or suggestions for upcoming issues of the Park West Gallery Newsletter. Drop us a line and we may even publish it on our website!

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March 2009 - Issue 7

In this issue:
Spring Sale 2009
Special Collections Now Online
Artist Weaves Time Into His Work
Art for All: Gallery Owner Spreads Joy of Appreciation
PLATINUM: Decor - Art & Soul
Going Once...Going Twice...Buying Art at Sea with Confidence
Park West Gallery Celebrates 40 Years
Letters to the Editor
How to Buy Fine Art: CEO Offers Expert Tips on Art Collecting
Park West Foundation News
Customer Corner
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How to Buy Fine Art: CEO Offers Expert Tips on Art Collecting

Albert Scaglione, founder and owner of Park West Gallery, offers 5 Expert Tips to help collectors have a positive art-buying experience:

1. Let your own taste drive you. Buy what you like, not what someone else says you should like.

2. Do your research. Find out about the artist, if the price seems logical, whether or not there have been previous owners and where the art has been displayed.

3. Know who you're dealing with - the artist or the company. Be sure the people who are selling your art to you know what they're talking about.

4. Consider an appraiser. They have the resources to do research for you.

5. Enjoy your choice. You should experience joy - an uplifting feeling.

Park West Foundation News

Celebration Honors Detroit Peace Leader's Life

Published in The Detroit Free Press, March 20, 2009

Before he died, Olusola said he didn't want hope to be lost

Weusi Olusola made a request of those who loved him before he died: Do not mourn my passing, but celebrate my life.

And so, instead of a funeral Saturday [March 21], friends and family gathered to share stories about the antigun and community activist who died March 13 of cancer.

Olusola was 38. He died six days after receiving the award during a gathering attended by hundreds of metro Detroiters and entertainer Bill Cosby.

"Five days before he died, he told us he did not want people to lose hope," said Saba Gebrai, program director of the Park West Foundation, which earlier this month gave Olusola a lifetime achievement award.

Watch the Weusi Olusola Lifetime Achievement Award Video

Customer Corner

We love to read all of the positive letters from our customers and we're happy to publish a handful of our recent favorites on our Customer Service Blog.

We would love to hear from you too! Send us an email

Dear Park West Gallery...

> Throughout the week, we were completely pampered, entertained, and educated well beyond our expectations. We collected art from artists we got to know and appreciate. And we even made new art collecting friends. Everyone, without exception, from Park West Gallery contributed to making this a successful event.
Lesley & David N. | Miami, Florida

> THANK YOU PARK WEST!!! We had a wonderful time on the cruise - you were all so helpful and such gracious hosts. The artists were fun, down to earth people we could really communicate with which helped to open our eyes into their "painting" world. Thank you again for a spectacular time.
Mike & Janette W. | Tampa, Florida

> Having the ability to meet, talk with, and spend quality time with the artists is a remarkable and memorable experience. This is a great concept and opportunity by having the artists interact with the buyers, it makes the artwork become more meaningful to the new owner.
Patrick & Nathalie R. | Fort Myers, Florida

> I just received my first Fanch seriolithograph which is hanging in my living room and reminds me of many happy memories.
Lauren P. | Delavan, Wisconsin

> If you're reading this while with Marko [Mavrovich], please thank him again for the wonderful time we had with him. I still can't believe that we now have met the artist we "fell in love with first" as we began our art collecting adventure in April 2002. When we got that piece -- Field of Dreams -- we never imagined that we would meet him one day.
Tim & Roberta G. | Commerce City, Colorado

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