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Park West Gallery News

Morris Shapiro Hosts Live Auction for PBS Premiere Night
DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Park Wests Gallery Director of 26 years, Morris Shapiro hosted the live auction at the 8th Annual PBS Premiere Night, Detroit Public Television’s signature fundraising affair. The event was held Sept. 24 at the Detroit Athletic Club. “Public Television is so important in fostering and sustaining the arts in our current times, and any way Park West can contribute to this important goal is vital for us,” said Shapiro... MORE >>

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Artist Features

The Alchemic Nature of Painting | By Artist PETER NIXON
THE ALCHEMIC NATURE of painting is reflected in its mystifying language. The artist; both an alchemist and a shaman takes base materials; minerals and petroleum products, the very dust of the earth, and transforms them by a strange magic into visual gold. It is pure sensuality and it is the tactility of these materials and the wonder of manipulating them that distinguish painting from video or Conceptual art...

An Artist’s Perpetual Quest for Inspiration
DOMINIC PANGBORN is best described as an “Evolutionist” - an artist who believes art should reflect a current mood, expression and point in time. With that in mind, Park West Gallery recently requested an update from Pangborn about his current projects and artistic explorations. The artist also provided some fascinating insight into his creative process and shared some thoughts on being represented by Park West Gallery... MORE >>

Painting Hope | By SONIA KOLESNIKOV-JESSOP • Prestige Magazine
DUBBED “BRAZIL'S MOST visible internationally acclaimed artist” by Roberto Bertani, the executive director of the Institute for Contemporary Art in Sao Paulo, Romero Britto is also one of the busiest and most versatile. No canvas is too unusual for the Brazilian artist who has spread his colourful art on the bodies of cars and planes, the 25,000-sp ft pool deck of a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, clothing fabrics...

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Park West Gallery Hosts Benefit for Michigan’s Children
THE PARK WEST FOUNDATION hosts events for many charitable organizations each year, generating significant proceeds for many worthy causes. On October 3, Park West Gallery hosted an Art & Advocacy benefit for Michigan’s Children, featuring the Cartoons of Nolan Ross.
The Detroit News: Exhibit honors artist who had talent — and a disease
The Metro Times: Fulgurites, asparagus and zaniness

Family Fun Day at the Bass Museum of Art
MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA — Park West Gallery was thrilled to be a part of Family Fun Day at the Bass Museum of Art on September 13. Park West donated several used mats and old frames so that children who attended the event could decorate them. This gave participants an opportunity to take home a personalized frame for their artwork. The exciting, educational event exposed children to art exploration and conceptual thinking... MORE >>

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Special Offer

The Art of Scott Jacobs: The Complete Works
PARK WEST GALLERY presents a special offer from the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist, Scott Jacobs. Through this beautiful 300-page full-color hardcover book, follow Scott's career from his humble beginnings on up to his status as a highly-celebrated American fine artist. The artist's signature and personal dedication is available for an additional cost.
Find out how to take advantage of this Special Offer >>

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Art Exhibits On View

Matisse, Picasso, and Modern Art in Paris
WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA – Works by the leading masters of modern art are on display at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. The exhibition tells the story of new modernist movements before and during World War I, cubism, surrealism, and the transformative World War II period when many of the best-known French modernists fled Paris for New York.
On view until November 29, 2009 | Exhibit Details >>

Picasso, Miró, Calder
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — The San Diego Museum of Art presents Picasso, Miró, Calder, an exhibition showcasing nearly 50 works by three of the greatest 20th century artists. The exhibit also includes a diverse selection of works on paper including prints, drawings and paintings rarely on display due to the light-sensitive nature of these works.
On view until December 6, 2009 | Exhibit Details >>

The Brilliant Line: Following the Early Modern Engraver
PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND — The RISD Museum of Art presents The Brilliant Line, featuring 85 Renaissance and Baroque prints created from 1480 to 1650. The exhibit focuses on the height of the medium, when engravers made dramatic and rapid visual changes to engraving technique as they responded to the demands of reproducing artworks in other media.
On view until January 3, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Norman Rockwell: Fact and Fiction
CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA — In 2007, the citizens of Cedar Rapids rallied together to purchase a series of five watercolors destined for the auction block. Now on view at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, these works by artist Norman Rockwell depicted scenes associated with an election day and were created specifically for the Nov. 4, 1944 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.
On view until January 3, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Evolution of a Shared Vision
MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – An extraordinary collection of prints and drawings, carefully assembled over a 50-year period by long-time New Hampshire residents David and Barbara Stahl, is on view for the first time at the Currier Museum of Art. The earliest prints are by some of the most important old master print-makers including Dürer, Rembrandt, and Callot.
On view until January 3, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Cézanne and American Modernism
MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY — The Montclair Art Museum presents the first exhibition to examine fully the influence of Paul Cézanne upon modern American artists from 1907 to 1930. The exhibition explores the critical function American artists and others played in establishing the reputation of Cézanne, the definitive bridge between Impressionism and modern art.
On view until January 3, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Renoir in the 20th Century
PARIS, FRANCE — Renoir in the 20th Century, showing at the Grand Palais, includes some paintings, drawings and sculptures that are little known to the public. The exhibit in Paris showcases artwork from the second half of Auguste Renoir’s career, when he changed course in his 40s to experiment with a more classical style.
On view until January 4, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Turner and the Masters
LONDON, ENGLAND — On view at the Tate Britain, Turner and the Masters places beautiful masterpieces by Canaletto, Rubens, Rembrandt and Titian next to some of JMW Turner’s most dramatic paintings. It shines light on a lesser-known side of the British Romantic painter: his obsession to prove he was just as good, if not better, than the old masters who he so admired.
On view until January 31, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

All the World’s a Stage: Performance in Visual Arts
DALLAS, TEXAS — The dynamic and historic connections between the visual and performing arts will be explored at the Dallas Museum of Art. The exhibit showcases approximately 125 objects that reference the performing arts and performance, including musical instruments, religious objects, and masks, as well as paintings, sculptures, and photographs.
On view until February 28, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

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Customer Corner

Dear Park West Gallery...
WE LOVE to read all of the positive letters from our customers and we're happy to publish a handful of our recent favorites in the Customer Corner section of our Blog. We would love to hear from you too! SEND US AN EMAIL >>

"We just love all our art purchased from Park West!" Bob Y. | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"The Art Team spent a lot of time with us, educating us and helping us to feel comfortable with our options and our decision." Laura & Richard R. | Fort Worth, Texas

"Your art staff on the ship was very nice and professional, and the process was friendly and efficient." Jeanette D. | Marietta, Georgia

"The complete event and the Park West team were first class." Tony & Gloria D. | Jupiter, Florida

"Accolades to a very knowledgeable, courteous, friendly staff..." Lewis M. |Disputanta, Virginia

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Art Watch: New Must See Videos!

Simon Bull Art Exhibit At the Muhammad Ali Center
PARK WEST GALLERY offers an exciting collection of hand-signed sports collectibles showcasing the life and career of Muhammad Ali. Using his passion to play with color and create with radiant hues, Simon Bull brings the Champ to life like never before in his extraordinary interpretations. Celebrate the career of Ali, “the greatest of all time,” as Simon Bull personally guides you on a tour of an exhibit of his artwork at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

© Peter Max 2009

All You Need Is Love and the Art of Peter Max
PARK WEST GALLERY has enjoyed a relationship with Peter Max since the 1970s, and is the artist’s largest and longest-running dealer in the world. For over 40 years Peter Max has been a Pop Culture Icon with an estimated audience in the billions! From portraits of Presidents to Rock Stars and a Boeing 777, Peter Max is America’s Painter Laureate. The media is his canvas and this video provides an out of this world glimpse into the art of Max.

Forbes Interviews Celebrity Artist Romero Britto
KNOWN FOR HIS bright colors, pop images and playful themes, Romero Britto’s art reflects his unrestrained and optimistic point of view. recently interviewed Brazilian-born Pop artist Romero Britto. Watch Britto in action and listen as the artist discusses his numerous high-profile commissions, his painting of singer Michael Jackson and his work for public installations displayed everywhere from the White House to the Super Bowl.

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EXCITING NEWS! The Park West Gallery blog has been nominated for the 2009 Blogger’s Choice Awards! This year we’re competing in the following categories: Best Corporate Blog, Best Blog of All Time, Best Entertainment Blog and Best Educational Blog. We need your votes to help us win! If you enjoy reading our blog, please cast your votes for us in any (or all) of the categories!!

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THE LATEST Park West Gallery Blog contest giveaway was our best yet! Dozens of you entered to win a FREE hardcover art book: The Serigraphs of Igor Medvedev: Volumes I and II. From all of your entries we have randomly selected our winner…and the lucky contestant is…drumroll please…
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