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Park West Gallery News

Park West Gallery CEO Talks Da Vinci with WJR
The buzz of the art world lately has been around a particular portrait, which experts now believe is an authentic Leonardo da Vinci – the first of its kind discovered in over 100 years! Listen to a fascinating interview as host Frank Beckmann (on WJR, Michigan’s preeminent radio station), talks with Albert Scaglione, CEO and founder of Park West Gallery, about the newly discovered masterpiece, the process of establishing an artwork’s authenticity and the importance of provenance in doing so. MORE >>

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Artists in the News

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge — Moving slowly and wearing a rather tattered jacket and worn hat, Yaacov Agam arrives for our meeting pulling a valise on wheels. Its contents cover his professional life over more than 60 years. Agam is 81. Just about everyone in Israel knows who Yaacov Agam is – a pioneer of kinetic art here and abroad. “Just like you breathe, I create,” he says. “I must create; that is Judaism. It is essentially a way of life: Judaism is art..." MORE >>

Decoding the Durer in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol — If you’re curious about that Albrecht Dürer print that pops up on page 263 in The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown’s latest bestseller, you can hop over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and find it hanging in Gallery 316. Tom Rassieur, the museum’s print curator, got a tip that Dürer’s 1514 image Melencolia I plays a role in the plot, so he got it out of storage and hung it... MORE >>

Rockwell Collections of Lucas and Spielberg to Go On View
The Washington PostGeorge Lucas and Steven Spielberg, two of America’s most successful filmmakers, have combined their collections of the art of Norman Rockwell, one of America’s most celebrated illustrators, for an upcoming exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution. Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell From the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg will be on exhibit from July 2, 2010, through Jan. 2, 2011... MORE >>

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Art Exhibits On View

Japonisme in the Graphic Arts
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI — The Saint Louis Art Museum presents Japonisme in the Graphic Arts, an exhibition of 10 works on paper demonstrating the impact that Japanese color woodblock prints had on Western printmaking in the late 19th century. Woodcuts, lithographs and etchings by artists Whistler, Cassatt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rivière and Van Gogh are showcased. On view until December 13, 2009 | Exhibit Details >>

Turner to Cezanne
SYRACUSE, NY – Visitors to the Everson Museum of Art will experience a brush with greatness at Turner to Cezanne: Masterpieces from the Davies Collection. The exhibit reminds us of the value of creativity and persistence, as many artists were initially misunderstood or scorned. These painters who were once rejected, like the Impressionists, are now in the pantheon of the world’s most popular artists. On view until January 3, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Chagall and the Mediterranean
PISA, ITALY – The Palazzo Blu exhibition Chagall and the Mediterranean is a show of masterpieces by the Belorussian artist. 150 works by Marc Chagall will be on exhibit including paintings, sculptures, ceramics and lithographs, all depicting the seascapes of France, Greece and all the way down to the Promised Land. The exposition is divided into five sections, each with a different theme. On view until January 17, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Rembrandt's People
HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT — Seven of Rembrandt van Rijn’s most expressive portraits are on view in a new exhibition, Rembrandt’s People, at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. The exhibition showcases works from throughout the artist’s career including; Self Portrait (1659), portrait of a young Jewish man (ca. 1663) and Lady with a Lap Dog (ca. 1662).
On view until January 24, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Cézanne – Picasso – Mondrian
THE HAGUE — Three revolutionary artists are the subject of a major exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum. Cézanne – Picasso – Mondrian is a thrilling story that takes the viewer from the sumptuous palette of Paul Cézanne, via the brilliantly colored – and sometimes humorous – paintings of Pablo Picasso, to the extremely subtle compositions of Piet Mondrian.
On view until January 24, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Marc Chagall - Life and Love: Prints, Drawings and Paintings
ISTANBUL, TURKEY — For the very first time in Turkey, the works of outstanding 20th-century artist Marc Chagall are on view for art enthusiasts. Life and Love: Prints, Drawings and Paintings at the Pera Museum showcases 160 works by Chagall including prints, drawings and paintings selected from the rich collection of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
On view until January 24, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Miro of Majorca
THESSALONIKI, GREECE — The Teloglion Foundation and the Foundation Pilar i Joan Miro of Majorca present one of the artist’s greatest exhibitions in Greece, Miro of Majorca. The exhibit includes a significant number of Joan Miro’s works and documents (over 400) of all themes including: painting, sculpture, etching, drawings and sketches for sculptures and public art.
On view until February 5, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Matisse & Rodin
PARIS, FRANCE — The Rodin Museum is staging an encounter between two outstanding creative artists who were only a generation apart. Matisse & Rodin sets out to show both points of convergence and divergence in the sculptural and graphic work of the two masters. It aims to explore Matisse’s sculpture and drawings and, from the perspective of Matisse’s art, to see Rodin in a new light. On view until February 28, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

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Customer Corner

Dear Park West Gallery...
WE LOVE to read all of the positive letters from our customers and we're happy to publish a handful of our recent favorites in the Customer Corner section of our Blog. We would love to hear from you too! SEND US AN EMAIL >>

"The high level of creative energy among the Park West staff, as well as their personal pride in what they do, is always obvious and very gratifying." Adel & Rose K. | Sterling Heights, Michigan

"The art we’ve purchased is wonderful and the prices we’ve paid are unbelievable." MaryAnn & Anthony L. | Irmo, South Carolina

"We received the painting this week and wanted to send along our thanks. We are really pleased..." Merle & Donna G. | Calgary, Canada

"Our art collection grows with each cruise we take, and we couldn’t be more impressed in our dealings with Park West. We have found that Park West conducts itself with the highest degree of honesty and integrity." Holly F. & Henry C. | Vancouver, B.C.

"I want to congratulate Park West for having such a wonderful collection of art as well as such wonderful staff." Brian L. | Davenport, Florida

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November 2009 - Issue 15

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Art Watch: New Must See Videos!

Simon Bull Salutes “The Champ” at the Facing Ali Movie Premier
VANCOUVER, CANADA – On October 9, artist Simon Bull attended the Vancouver International Film Festival for the premier of Facing Ali – a new documentary starring ten of Muhammad Ali’s former rivals. Video 1: Go behind the scenes at the Facing Ali screening as Simon Bull pays tribute to his friend, the “greatest of all time” Muhammad Ali. Video 2: Watch the exciting trailer for the soon to be released film.

An Interview with the Artistic Director of the Museo Picasso Málaga
The Museo Picasso Málaga is home to over 155 Pablo Picasso artworks created throughout the lifetime of the artist. In this video, the new artistic director of the museum, José Lebrero Stals, explains the origins of the Museo Picasso Málaga and the works comprising its permanent collection. He also discusses how Picasso’s artwork relates to contemporary artists and continues to influence so many artists working today.


Max Receives Putnam Award for Charity Work
BREWSTER, NY — World-famous pop artist Peter Max and his wife Mary appeared at the Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster, N.Y. to be honored for a life’s work in charity. Max and his wife toured the collection of rare and endangered early American farm animals at the Tilly Foster Farm Museum, before receiving the preserved Putnam Award for a life of charitable giving.

Britto Designs Parking Meters to Help Homeless
MIAMI, FLORIDA – The Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust and a renowned South Florida artist have joined forces to introduce an innovative way for residents to help in the fight against homelessness. Romero Britto has designed parking meters, which will be installed in several areas throughout downtown to collect cash for the cause.

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