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Park West Gallery News

New Pangborn website launches
Park West Gallery Launches Dominic Pangborn Website
PARK WEST GALLERY is proud to announce the launch of our newest microsite for internationally acclaimed contemporary artist DOMINIC PANGBORN! The website features information about the artist, a virtual gallery of his artwork, and video footage of Pangborn showcasing his work and discussing his influences and background in design. READ MORE >>

Visit the NEW Dominic Pangborn Website >>

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Park West Gallery Exclusives

bronze detail
A Gavel Falls…is the Pendulum of Art History Swinging Back?
An essay by Morris Shapiro
The art and financial worlds are all abuzz about the vigorous buying surge witnessed on the evening of February 3, 2010 at Sotheby’s London, when a bronze sculpture by Swiss modern master Alberto Giacometti fetched the highest price in art auction history. The Ancient Greeks believed that sculpture was the purest and highest art form. I suspect they (and Giacometti) knew something we didn’t, until now...

Detail of Agam's “Infinite Reach”
Yaacov Agam and the Mystical Number “9”
An essay by Morris Shapiro
I am often asked about the significance of the number “9" in Yaacov Agam’s art. As the son of an Orthodox Rabbi, Agam possesses a deep interest in Hebrew mysticism. The ancient Hebrews also believed that God’s “language” could be perceived in mathematics. As Agam considers his works of art to be “visual prayers” or creations which each reflect upon the metaphysical, he chooses to incorporate factors of 9 into each work to “resonate” this purpose...

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Art Exhibits on View

A Celebration of
Henri Matisse
A Celebration of Henri Matisse: Master of Line and Light
TAMPA — An exceptional show featuring Fauvist master Henri Matisse is currently on view at the newly-opened Tampa Museum of Art. While many past exhibits focus on the bright, cheerful paintings of Matisse, A Celebration of Henri Matisse: Master of Line and Light is centered around the artist’s 50-year journey as a printmaker. The exhibition offers compelling evidence of the important role printmaking played in the evolution of Matisse’s visual ideas. On view until April 18, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Detail of Dali's
"Flight of a Bee"
Dali's "Flight of a Bee" Goes on Public Display
Salvador Dali's famous oil painting Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Minute Before Awakening (1944) is currently on loan to the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí from Madrid’s Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and can be viewed by the public in the Drawings Room (number 6) of the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres. The work was painted while Dalí and his wife Gala were living in America and incorporates much of the artist's distinctive symbolism. On view until May 3, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Fear and Folly: The Visionary Prints of Francisco Goya and Federico Castellon
Fear and Folly
KALAMAZOO — The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts presents, Fear and Folly: The Visionary Prints of Francisco Goya and Federico Castellon. Though separated by about 150 years, Francisco Goya (1746-1828) and Federico Castellon (1914-1971) often appear closer to one another than to their contemporaries, as they both turned their attention to the human condition. In this exhibition, the artists are represented by important print series: Castellon’s lithographs for Edgar Allen Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death and Goya’s etchings from Los Disparates (or The Proverbs).
On view until May 23, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

The Printmaker's Art
The Printmaker’s Art
EDINBURGH — A collection of iconic prints by some of the finest European artists of the past 500 years is on view at the National Gallery of Scotland. The skills of artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco Goya and Albrecht Dürer, are on display in The Printmaker’s Art, which showcases some of the most beautiful and intricate prints ever made.
On view until May 23, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

Miro—I Work
Like a Gardener
Miro—I Work Like a Gardener
COPENHAGEN — It has been said that artist Joan Miró (1893-1983) regarded everything in the universe as alive and as part of a great interconnected totality. An innovative master of surrealism, Miró also saw himself as a gardener, his studio as a kitchen garden and his artworks as plants that he cultivated to grow under his expert care. The ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is celebrating the artist’s connection to nature with a new exhibit, Miró – I Work Like a Gardener. On view until May 30, 2010 | Exhibit Details >>

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Customer Corner

Dear Park West Gallery...

"[...] it was my pleasure and honor to be surrounded by such an awesome staff from Park West and great art enthusiasts such as myself..." —Kenneth K. | Wilmer, Alabama

"We had a lot of fun and delightful moments during the presentation and auction of the art pieces...We are very pleased by the pieces of art we bought...” Solange & Philippe G. | Santa Clara, California

"We did not expect to be so enriched on our vacation and now that we are back, we can't stop talking about it..." —David & Lydia A. | Elkhart, Indiana

March 2010 - Issue 19

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Spring Sale 2010

Park West Gallery
Spring Sale

Park West Spring Sale
The Park West Gallery Spring Collection is currently being featured online and offers exciting sale prices now through May 14th! This special collection showcases works from some of the world’s greatest artists, along with a portion of Park West Gallery’s expansive sports memorabilia collection of signed photographs and sport-specific collectables, several examples from Park West Gallery’s impressive animation art collection, and fine jewelry pieces from high-end designers.


Romero Britto paints
with children in Tel Aviv

Britto Paints for Peace
Miami-based artist Romero Britto recently journeyed to Israel for the first time ever, bringing his colorful, vibrant artwork to a group of kids who were really excited to meet the Pop artist. Britto visited kindergarteners at the Yarden school in Tel Aviv, as part of a coexistence workshop organized by the Peres Center for Peace. Britto told The Jerusalem Post, “I have done a lot of work with the Jewish community in Miami and always said I should come, but this is the first time...” READ MORE >>

Artists in the News

Google doodle
honoring Rockwell

Google Honors Rockwell
To honor the most popular and well-known American artist of all time, the Feb. 3 Google doodle incorporated an illustration by Norman Rockwell entitled Little Spooners. The popular painting appeared on the front cover of the Saturday Evening Post on April 24, 1926... READ MORE >>

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